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Washington County

This page contains all of our studies of communities located in Washington County (in alphabetical order).

Barnes, Washington County


The author creates a charming portrait of the town of Barnes, Kansas. She uses documents as well as oral interviews to tell the delightful history of…

Haddam, Washington County


Haddam is a little Kansas town ten miles from the Nebraska border that has managed to survive through a slew of fires and other tragedies throughout…

Hanover, Washington County

Hanover-Carnes-Hollenberg Station.jpg

The author gives a wonderful portrayal of the Hanover, Kansas area. She delves into many aspects surrounding the town and details its settlement using…

Hollenberg Station, Washington County

Hollenberg Station-Rhodes.jpg

The author tells the colorful history of the Hollenberg station and the Hollenberg family. The station provided an essential stopping point for…

Mahaska, Washington County


The author uses newspaper articles and historic documents to retell the history of the once bustling town of Mahaska. He also connects larger national…

Palmer, Washington County


This study is of the city of Palmer, located in Washington County, Kansas, and how the entrepreneurial spirit allowed it to flourish. This industry…

Strawberry, Washington County


The author uses newspaper articles and historic documents to tell the story of the town of Strawberry, Kansas. She is able to give an explanation of…

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