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Wabaunsee County

This page contains all of our studies of communities located in Wabaunsee County (in alphabetical order).

Bourassa's Mill, Wabaunsee County

Bourassa's Mill-map.jpg

Author uses historic documents, genealogical inquiry, and filed work to document the community of Bourassa's Mill. This was not a traditional town but…

Early Paxico, Wabaunsee County


Allana Saenger finds connections between the modern day Paxico Blues Festival and the African American population of early Wabaunsee County. She…

Harveyville, Wabaunsee County


Even though Harveyville is considered a “Lost Town,” the community keeps the town going. Without the citizens taking pride and trying to promote the…

Keene, Wabaunsee County


Contrary to appearances, Keene, KS is not just a small grouping of houses and an inconspicuous highway sign. It was once a booming little town with a…

Newbury, Wabaunsee County

Newbury Town Band

The land was bought from the Pottawatomie Indians by the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad and sold to German immigrants for a profit. The…

Pavilion, Wabaunsee County


The following passage is a historically backed re-creation of life in the rural Kansas township. I have done extensive research on the township of…

Bradford, Wabaunsee County


Bradford, located in Section 23 of Wilmington Township, Wabaunsee County, Kansas, was a small community that tells a unique story of racial…