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This page contains all of our studies of communities located in Riley County (in alphabetical order).

Bodaville, Riley County

05052015 bodaville limestone sign curving gravel road in background.jpg

With the general store as the heart of town, Bodaville served as both a home and a stopping point for travelers. Sources for this study include…

Lasita, Riley County


This study will focus on Lasita, Fancy Creek Township, Riley County, Kansas. Lasita is an example of a typical turn of the 20th century rural town…

Magic, Riley County

Magic School.jpg

The lost community of Magic, located in Riley County, Kansas, was settled by immigrants from Germany in a process of chain migration. The community’s…

May Day, Riley County

Garver-May Day.JPG

This study is about the small town of May Day, Riley County, Kansas. It includes interviews, early maps of the town site, and photographs of how the…

Moehlman's Bottoms, Riley County

Henry Moehlman Family Portrait

This paper chronicles the story of Henry Moehlman and the development of Moehlman Bottoms in Riley County, Kansas. Includes effects of natural…

Poliska and Tauromee, Riley County


This is a study of Poliska and Tauromee, Kansas. These two towns, in the vicinity of Manhattan, Kan., only lasted two-three years, due to several…

St. Joseph's Church and Ashland, Riley County


The Ashland and Lower McDowell Creek communities were settled towards the end of the 1800s, but contained a variety of cultural and economic…

Walsburg, Riley County


Swedish settlers founded Walsburg in 1866, naming it after nearby Walnut Creek. A small Swedish community grew there for decades. However, after the…

Winkler, Riley County


The decay of Winkler was the loss of not having a railroad run through the town site. A railroad running through a town almost guarantees growth and…

Zeandale, Riley County


Zeandale, to many who have lived in Riley County, Kansas, for any length of time, is just that one road to the east that one rarely finds reason to…

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