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Johnson County

This page contains all of our studies of communities located in Johnson County (in alphabetical order).

Aubry, Johnson County


While it may be overlooked today, Aubry, Kansas, played a key role in the Civil War and the history of the Kansas but was out-competed by the nearby…

Lanesfield, Johnson County


Lanesfield, Kansas was founded in honor of James Henry Lane, an infamous free-state leader, during a period of extreme violence and chaos. Lanesfield…

Mahaffie Stagecoach and Farm, Johnson County

Mahaffie Stagecoach-Brockman.jpg

The Mahaffie Stagecoach and farm was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Mahaffie, in the year 1858. Upon arrival to Kansas from Indiana, the family established…

Squiresville, Johnson County


A. B. Squires established a large hotel in his new town of Squiresville, which became a destination for Union soldiers and stage line passengers until…

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