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Broughton, Clay County

At the latest estimate, Kansas may have nearly 9,000 vanished, named communities. These places had many faces: small crossroads villages; depot mail drops on rail lines, lingering communities that coalesced around a church, rapidly-fading religious…

Buckeye, Dickinson County

It was a Tuesday, April 5, 1870, when a group of approximately two hundred people from Ohio emigrated to Buckeye Township, attracted by the promise of a homestead and prosperity. Residents faced many economic challenges over the years, and now only a…

Camp Pliley, Pottersburg, and Ash Grove, Lincoln County

The lost communities of Camp Pliley, Pottersburg and Ash Grove, Kansas were settled by Civil War Veterans, Scandinavian immigrants as well as homesteading pioneers. While Pottersburg and Ash Grove locations achieved railroad service, the automobile…

Chelsea, Butler County

Chelsea was located in chelsea Township of Butler County from 1857-1978. This study includes early maps of the county, information provided by the Butler County Historical Society, and some photographs of the town before it was gone. This analysis…

Clearfield, Douglas County

German families formed the community of Clearfield in Douglas County, Kansas, in the 1850s, united by language and religion. This study overviews a collection of photographs, maps, and documents detailing the history of the Clearfield Community in…

Colony, Anderson County

Originally called Divide, the town of Colony began as a tavern and later a depot on the Leavenworth, Lawrence, and Galveston railroad. In the early twentieth century, it was known as the "Hay Capital of the World."

Coolidge, Hamilton County

In this study I will talk about the rise and fall of the once great Kansas town Coolidge in extreme western Kansas, Hamilton County. Throughout this research paper I will use an interview, early town maps, railway maps, and also photographs that I…

Coronado, Wichita County

I am writing this paper to show people some of the history of Wichita County, Kansas. I am also writing about how “wild” the West really was when people were migrating out to the newly formed state of Kansas. This paper includes newspaper accounts…

Delia, Jackson County

Delia, even though it may be labeled a “lost town,” is fighting the label, battling to bring their town back to life. The history of Delia runs deep. Building upon on the determination instilled by their forefather, who prevailed in the debate over…