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Prairie Band Potawatomi Indians in Mayetta - Jackson County

This study of persistence factors on an Indian reservation in Northeast Kansas includes interviews from Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribal Council member Carrie L. O’Toole (Wabaunsee), Prairie Band tribal member Laveda L.T. Wahweotten, and Dr. Eric…

Larkin/Larkinburg, Jackson County

Larkinburg is a small, unincorporated hamlet that straddles the county line between Jackson County and Atchison County, Kansas. In its prime, Larkinburg had a population of about 200. The town was named after M.E. Larkin, who owned 160 acres of land…

Delia, Jackson County

Delia, even though it may be labeled a “lost town,” is fighting the label, battling to bring their town back to life. The history of Delia runs deep. Building upon on the determination instilled by their forefather, who prevailed in the debate over…

Hoyt, Jackson County

Hoyt, Kansas, started out as a small town where farmers took cattle to transport them on the railroads back to eastern markets. Despite all of the terrible events that have plagued Hoyt throughout its history, the town is still a thriving part of the…