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St. Clere, Pottawatomie County

St. Clere-Wilson.jpg
This study illustrates the founding, growth, and decline of the small town of St. Clere in Pottawatomie County, Kansas, which competed unsuccessfully with the nearby town of Emmett. Included within the study are maps, pictures and information about…

Coolidge, Hamilton County

In this study I will talk about the rise and fall of the once great Kansas town Coolidge in extreme western Kansas, Hamilton County. Throughout this research paper I will use an interview, early town maps, railway maps, and also photographs that I…

Walsburg, Riley County

Swedish settlers founded Walsburg in 1866, naming it after nearby Walnut Creek. A small Swedish community grew there for decades. However, after the Union Pacific Railroad left town in 1935, Walsburg declined and became a lost community.

Lanesfield, Johnson County

Lanesfield, Kansas was founded in honor of James Henry Lane, an infamous free-state leader, during a period of extreme violence and chaos. Lanesfield grew in the early years, but eventually disintegrated as people relocated closer to the railroad.…

Coronado, Wichita County

I am writing this paper to show people some of the history of Wichita County, Kansas. I am also writing about how “wild” the West really was when people were migrating out to the newly formed state of Kansas. This paper includes newspaper accounts…

Lillis, Blaine, and Holy Cross, Marshall and Pottawatomie Counties

This study of an Irish settlement area that included parts of two counties is based on fieldwork, photographs, original church sources, and an investigation of cultural traditions.

El Quartelejo Pueblo Ruins, Scott County, Kansas

Steele Family
In this paper, the author discusses the El Quartelejo Pueblo ruins located in present-day Scott County, Kansas. The Taos and the Picuris Indians who came from what is today northwestern New Mexico fled their homelands due to their Spanish overlords…

Duluth, Pottawatomie County

The end of Duluth Town Company came before its twenty-year charter expired. In February of 1912, the directors voted to decrease its capital stock and, three years later, to liquidate all of its assets. The company was officially dissolved on…

Morland, Graham County

Morland was first known as Fremont, it was named after General John C. Fremont who was the noted explorer.
The people of Morland fought hard for their survival and in the end it paid off. Just the thought that a railroad could be coming gave people…

Whiskey Point, Geary County

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The lost town of Whiskey Point is located in Geary County, Kansas. It was an “Island” community known to cavalry soldiers for its saloons, brothels, and restaurants. The town disappeared after the Provost Marshall dumped barrels of whiskey into the…