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Pottawatomie County


Pottawatomie County was organized on February 20, 1857, by Michael Floersch; Jacob Henry Haid; Andrew Noll, Michael Repp; Emil Ebert; Franz Anton Dekat; and Gabriel Zoeller. Named for the Potawatomie Indians, this county was one of the early sites of the Kansas Pacific Railroad in 1867, and saw the building of Tuttle Creek Reservoir in the 1950s (Kansas Historical Society).


A view of a band leading a parade in Onaga, Kansas. Also visible are spectators, men on horseback, an automobile, parade floats drawn by teams of men, horse-drawn carriages, a water tower, utility poles and power lines, and buildings and businesses, many with awnings, along the city street. Source: Kansas Historical Society

Student research featured in this exhibit highlights the success and strife brought by the railroad, as well as a feature piece on the Potawatomie tribe. The studies featured are driven by oral histories, field research, primary documents including photographs and historic maps collected by students. This exhibit contributes to the growing collection of rural history in one of Kansas' most historic and pivotal counties.