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Dickinson County

This page contains all of our studies of communities located in Dickinson County (in alphabetical order).

Buckeye, Dickinson County


It was a Tuesday, April 5, 1870, when a group of approximately two hundred people from Ohio emigrated to Buckeye Township, attracted by the promise of…

Dillon, Dickinson County


Today at what used to be the center of the town of Dillon are three houses and the Dillon Elevator. This is what is left of the town of Dillon, which…

Early Chapman, Dickinson County

early chapman.jpg

This study of early Chapman and the Sanborn Lumber Yard in Dickinson County, Kansas, includes a map of the county, an interview, and photographs of…

Holland, Dickinson County


Families in Holland, Kansas, a Dickinson County town seven miles south of Abilene, sought to form a community that could provide a education for their…

Hope, Dickinson County


Author recreates the town of Hope using historic plat maps that he used to draw the actual extent of the town.

Navarre, Dickinson County


Navarre was organized around the school, the church, and starting in 1887, the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe railroad. Fire destroyed much of the…

New Chillicothe, Dickinson County


Calling New Chillicothe a “Lost Town” may be stretching the imagination a little bit. New Chillicothe was a postal station located in Sherman…

Pearl, Dickinson County


Pearl managed to survive for almost 80 years, but all that remains of the once bustling community are the old railroad tracks and the still…

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