Lost Kansas Communities


A collection of undergraduate research dedicated to the lost communities and towns of rural Kansas throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Towns rose and fell at the whim of railroads, highways, churches, schoolhouses, and small businesses. The stories collected here are of the heart and soul of Kansas, recounting the very real story of the men and women who built the small communities of Kansas.

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Bradford, Wabaunsee County
Bradford, located in Section 23 of Wilmington Township, Wabaunsee County, Kansas, was a small community that tells a unique story of racial coexistence and rural population decline. Black and white residents both called the area home and coexisted in…

Fort Aubrey, Hamilton County
This study examines Fort Aubrey, a Civil War-era frontier post in Syracuse Township, Hamilton County, and the men who served there. The findings are based upon government and archival documents, newspaper and magazine articles, personal…

Magic, Riley County
The lost community of Magic, located in Riley County, Kansas, was settled by immigrants from Germany in a process of chain migration. The community’s population steadily began to decline in the 1930s and was eventually consumed by the expansion of…
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